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Whether you need to:

- Evolve to keep up with market changes

- Respond to lost sales or market share

- Align your brand with a new business strategy

- Create a better customer brand experience

- Tell your brand story better

- Refresh your brand or packaging

- Revitalize a legacy brand

- Localize your brand for new export markets

Fresh Produce Branding helps you navigate brand challenges and create opportunities for growth.

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A clear, focussed brand strategy drives competitive advantage and profitable growth. Here are some of the branding and strategy challenges we solve for clients. How can we help you?

“Consumers have changed and our products are being bought online more and more. Our brand is not showing up well online. What can we do?” 

“We are about to celebrate a milestone. We want to refresh our brand and better communicate what we stand for. How do we ensure we do this well?" 

“We are losing share and we need to reposition ourselves. Before we change, is there a way to evaluate our brand’s value?"

“This year, everything changed and we had to evolve. We have new leadership and a new sales strategy. With so much change, we need to make sure our brand strategy and business strategy align. Can you help?”

“We are starting a new division and need a new name. Strategically, should we link the two company’s brands or create something new?”

“Our business has changed and we are now focussed on exports. Does our current brand work in China? Can we keep our brand or localize it?”

“Our packaging and branding is dated. We need a fresh look to cut through the clutter. Can you help?"