Fresh Produce Alliance - Making Healthy Delicious

Turning a Blank Page Into A Compelling Brand and Brand Identity

Meet the Grower:

Fresh Produce Alliance was a successful grower, packer and exporter based in Australia. The purchase of an HPP Processing machine saw the company evolve from grower to fresh food manufacturer. The company knew they wanted to use the HPP technology to create innovative and delicious fresh foods, but had no strategy to create the master brand vision which would lead the company forward.


Enter Fresh Produce Branding. Working face-to-face and virtually across time zones, we helped the company find their brand essence and develop their vision, mission, values and tagline.


Nourishing Humanity

With a strong commitment to fresh produce’s nourishing properties and the company's commitment to caring for growers as well as consumers, we created Nourishing humanity  as the company's brand story. This story became the strategic framework for everything related to branding. 


Every product the company created was healthy and delicious, which led us to create their brand essence: “We make healthy delicious.” Using this as their brand essence and strapline, we created their entire brand identity, graphics and marketing collateral.

Once the master brand work was done, the next step was to set-up their brand framework and create the unique brands required to launch a diverse range of food products.


Using market research, consumer research, channel analysis and with the vision of selling off divisions to other food manufacturers, it was decided to launch three unique product categories. Pure, fruit and vegetable-based baby foods. A world-first avocado chocolate mousse. And a range of HPP chilled pure juices.


More deep dives into consumer food, health and wellness trends plus a global category and product analysis led to the creation of three, unique and consumer-centric, buy me brands.


Born Pure Baby Foods delivered on the master brand promise of ‘making healthy delicious’ while the name immediately explained the product’s pure benefits as baby food.


Avovita was the name we created for the Avocado Chocolate Mousse. Meaning, ‘avocados for life’, the name allowed the business and unique, avocado-based product range to scale.


TRUU pure juice was the third brand to launch, creatively telling the brand story of a 100% pure, HPP juice.


Strategy is everything as this case study shows. Great brands evolve when aligned with the company's business strategy and vision.

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From former CEO, Jennie Franceschi:

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lisa Cork over 15 years and Lisa was the only brand strategist I considered calling for the new project. We gave Lisa a list of products we were going to produce...and a blank slate. She was directed to do what she does best, which is creating high impact brands and packaging. 

I have nothing but great things to say about working with Lisa and Gianni. If you work with them, there is no doubt in my mind you are working with the best in the business."

Fresh Produce Branding loves avovita