Lone Star Citrus

Revolutionizing the Grapefruit Category to Generate More Sales and Profits:

Meet the Grower:

For Lone Star Citrus in Mission, Texas, the arrival of a corporate competitor in their region threatened to change their future forever. Deep marketing pockets and new innovative branding impacted Lone Star and they were losing business. This, coupled with the overall decline of the grapefruit category, could have spelled gloom for this multi-generational family farming business.


Instead, they fought back, bringing in Lisa Cork of Fresh Produce Branding to help turn their branding and packaging strategy around. The result? Lisa helped them completely reinvent their brand, the category and their business.


Over the past 20 years, grapefruit consumption had fallen drastically. To understand grapefruit category dynamics and what was behind the decline, Lisa did extensive consumer research to understand the world of grapefruit from a shopper’s perspective. Lisa’s methodology unearthed insights like:

  • The grapefruit category was a confusing mess for shoppers.

  • Seasonal, varietal and regional issues meant the fruit tasted different every six months.

  • No packaging had effective taste cues that spoke to the consumer.

  • Consumer confusion was a key reason why the grapefruit category was declining.

Insights gained about grapefruit consumers and their frustrations was a paradigm shifter for Lone Star.


Winter Sweetz: Texas Sweet, Tree Ripened Grapefruit

Over eight months, working across continents and time zones, Lisa and her team reinvented the grapefruit category and created a revolutionary new brand...Winter Sweetz™: Sweet, Tree Ripened Texas Red Grapefruit.

Using the brand territories of 'winter', 'sweet, and 'tree-ripened', Lone Star instantly saw how these brand strategy themes addressed confusion and created added value and differentiation for their Texas grapefruit.

When branding and brand strategy starts with the shopper in mind, it quickly captures consumer attention and sales increase.

Lone Star is thrilled with its new packaging and the work created strong buyer interest and increased early season sales.

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April Flowers, Marketing Director:

“In re-doing our packaging, I struggled to find a company that did more than design. I wanted a strategy. Luckily, I found Lisa and saw she received the PMA marketing award. After looking through her case studies and seeing her process, I knew I’d found a person who could provide goal-oriented designs backed by research.


It only took one phone call to realize Lisa was the woman for our job. Her obvious passion for the industry along with a clear desire to innovate brought valuable expertise to the project. With her help, we were able to maximize marketing opportunities through existing avenues we simply had not previously seen as valuable or available. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Lisa and her team, and I would highly recommend them to any business looking for an innovative and fresh start."

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