• Lisa Cork

Covid has wrought many changes in our industry. Some good...some not so good. From a networking perspective, one of the changes has been the move to online conferences and workshops. While I know we all miss the face-to-face networking, one of the benefits is it has broadened the 'pool' of speakers available for any given conference.

Conferences once limited by budget, unable to pay the travel costs to get a speaker to an event, can now reach out to subject experts around the world and 'Zoom' them in. This is a fantastic opportunity.

Recently, I have been 'virtually' speaking a lot. Using programs like Loom or doing live Zoom interviews which then get edited and shown, there are endless options available. It can take a bit of practice to appear 'natural' when speaking only to the camera on a laptop, but with practice, I am proud to say I have mastered the art of virtual conference presenting!

If you are a conference or event organiser looking for a unique subject for an upcoming event, consider a presentation on fresh produce branding or brand strategy. I can craft a 20-35 minute presentation specifically for your audience. Contact lisa@freshproducebranding.com to find out more.