For those wanting deeper discussion and analysis, our brand strategy workshops deep dive into your brand challenges, providing clarity and guidance.

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FreshDiscovery™ Workshop


What: A brainstorming session to discuss ideas and opportunities.

Why: Developing a new brand? Want to get a second opinion and brainstorm? Then this is the workshop for you.


What’s included: A 2-hour online workshop.


-Validate/review your current thinking

- Evaluate and discuss new ideas.

Investment: USD$1,500

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BrandClarity™ Workshop


What: Business and Brand Analysis


Why: Discuss your brand strategy. Discuss your business and brand alignment.

What’s included: A 6-hour online workshop (split across 2-3 sessions), including: stakeholder research, analysis of business strategy, SWOT analysis, target market, channels, competitor analysis and brand strategy and brand creative reviews.



- Comprehensive review of business and brand strategy alignment.

Investment: USD$4,000

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FreshInsights™ Workshop


What: Complete Business, Brand and Brand Positioning Workshop


Why: Is your brand positioned differently/uniquely vs your competitors? Are you targeting the right people with the right messages? Is your business and brand strategy aligned for success?


What’s included: 9 hour workshop, including “BrandClarity™ Workshop” + business situation analysis (acquisition, new products), future vision, target market, growth strategy/acquisition strategy, competitor matrix, customer segmentation, brand strategy, brand positioning and brand messaging. Our most comprehensive workshop offer.


-Strategic Framework for Brand / Rebrand

-Brand / Rebrand Needs Analysis / Options

Investment: POA